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Just as we all talk about holistic care, general dentistry has always been about helping people maintain their dental wellbeing.  It also includes discussing the various interrelationships between general and dental health.


Cosmetic Services

The most important aspect of aesthetic dental health is precisely being healthy.  When the teeth and smile look good it also helps!  We have many options from small improvements for smiles to major options.  Just ask us to give you some ideas.


Hygiene Services

Prevention is without doubt the most important aspect to maintance dental health.  We love to assist in your personal dental hygiene.


Cerec Methods

Cerec methods procelain restorations and crowns. Help to remove uncomfort and restore a smile you are excited to share.

Children's Dental Care

Working with children and building a positive relationship between children and their oral care is a pivotal part of childhood. To instill proactive behaviours in children can save a lot of time, money and energy down the track. We are here to address and make plans where necessary for preventative and restorative treaments.

Teeth Whitening &

Bleaching is a relative simple proceeedure and may allow one to be happier with the colour of ones smile. Often further proceedures are available if this does not make the necassary changes.


Crowns and Bridges

Cerec and other techiques often involve porcelain restorations and crowns. To restore a smile and improve function (eating, speaking, swallowing).

White Fillings

Repairs or fillings to front or posterior (back) teeth are able to be performed with tooth colored repairs which helps our mouths to look more natural.

Implants and Restoration 

Implants now have become mainstream dental treatments and just as well as they can replace your failed teeth.  Your own teeth are still the ideal  but the possibilities with this modality are tremendous!



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