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  • How bright is your smile?
    Do you feel confident with your smile? At Dr Teeth, Dr Ralph French is a strong advocate is that a confident smile is a confident person. We know there are many ways to create a beautiful, strong smile. These include: - Tooth Whitening - Cosmetic Changes - and changes that helps you to have a functional and comfortable set of chompers!
  • Can I easily have my teeth whitened?
    Tooth whitening is an easy, safe and effective way of changing the appearance of teeth without causing any harm to your tooth structure. Most evidence shows the best way of achieving this is through home bleaching kits. This gently whitens your teeth and allows you to control the level of whitening achieved. We provide you with a kit that is right for you and provide the ongoing touch-point to make sure you are getting the result you want! Home bleaching is approximately half the cost of “laser” bleaching and just as effective.
  • Why are my teeth discoloured?
    There are an array of reasons why teeth may discolour such as diet, diet changes, particular medications or the use of a new mouth rinse. Discolouring and stains can often be easily cleaned or bleached by your dentist or a hygienist at Ralph French Dental Practice. We can also look at other causes, such as enamel decay, aging of fillings and help you plan a treatment plan for these cases!
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